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The Wines


The perfect synthesis of Piemonte

When we decided to replant the vineyards with over 60,000 new cuttings, we turned to varieties that could boast a proven vocation for excellence. We chose indigenous grape varieties cultivated in Vèngore since ancient times, which have always formed the ampelographic base and vineyard landscape of Cisterna d'Asti and Terre Alfieri. Today, they represent the authentic soul of Piemonte, in its most complete expression.

Nebbiolo, the «King», is capable like no other of interpreting the land where it is grown. The noblest grape variety of Piedmont, extremely difficult to cultivate, demanding but very generous in its infinite expressive capacity.

From Nebbiolo grapes we make:
  • Belgardo Terre Alfieri DOCG aged in Slavonian oak barrels
  • Mignane Terre Alfieri DOCG aged slowly in amphora.

With its golden berries, Arneis represents the finest expression of Piedmontese whites. An extremely elegant variety, defined as "white Nebbiolo" for its ability to make wines of the highest level. It donates us age-worthy white wines characterized by the typical almond finish, with a perfect balance among acidity, sapidity, and minerality.

From Arneis grapes we make:
  • Sanromé Terre Alfieri Arneis DOCG aged in stainless steel sur-lie after cold maceration

Barbera is the Piedmontese variety par excellence, where everything it is meant to represent culminates in the Terre Alfieri area, in perfect balance between fruitiness and freshness.

From Barbera grapes we make:
  • Campolungo Barbera d’Asti DOCG aged in stainless steel
  • Mompirone Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore aged in 2,500-liter Slavonian oak barrels


Nature, Ancient Roman finds and the scent of oak barrels