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The Vèngore valley rises to the north of Cisterna d'Asti, in the heart of Terre Alfieri, the hilly area developing at the meeting point between Langhe, Roero, and the last offshoots of Monferrato.
A land finding itself in the middle and embraced to the east by large extensions of minimally anthropized forests and bordered to the west by banks of the Tanaro river, with small villages overlooking it. Terre Alfieri boasts a centuries-old vocation for high-quality viticulture, documented since Roman times, which has always shared this agricultural space with woodlands, cultivated fields, vegetable gardens, and orchards. The secluded position of the area has preserved biodiversity and wilderness, which are rare in other wine regions, where the monoculture of the vine has taken over, occupying all the available spaces.

This border position also influences the soils of Terre Alfieri. Geologically similar to Roero, rich in loose and light sands, Terre Alfieri meets the "sabbie astiane" (sands of Asti) with yellow sandstone and silt. Sometimes these soils are very compact and build up the typical formations called “rocche” , sandstone pinnacles on the top of the hills of Cisterna and which occasionally create spectacular chasms.

Sand, clay, limestone, and silt form an exceptional geological base for the vines. This terroir is similar to the nearby Langhe, which winds a little further south, beyond the Tanaro river. The structural variety of the soil gives freshness, intense floral aromas, marked minerality, and a natural vocation of complexity. The wines are pleasant and elegant, yet juicy and full-bodied, capable of facing long aging and evolving in finesse and harmony.



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