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Our winery

26 hectares and three young brothers celebrate harmony between humans and nature

In the perfect silence of this natural amphitheatre, each slice of land offers the ideal conditions for growing Terre Alfieri grapes from dawn to dusk. Over 60,000 new vines, planted in 2012 and in organic conversion since 2016, are spread across the small, protected valley.

Of the total 26-hectare area, located between the Roero and the Monferrato, 16 hectares are covered by new vineyards, 6 by meadow and 4 by woods, creating a natural dialogue between wilderness and cultivation.

Daniele, Alessio and Luca work the land tirelessly, always respecting biodiversity and following the natural rhythms of time and the seasons.
They make the most of all that nature offers them: from the natural water sources that seep into mineral-rich rocks and the woods that offer rest to birds to the bunches of ripe grapes, ready to be transformed into elegant and exquisite wines.



tirelessly work the land, respecting its natural rhythms.

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